Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When it feels like your enough is not good enough...

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While these are not my original words, they reflect something that I need to think about.  My guess is you may need to think about them too.

It is easy for me to think that my gift is not good enough.

It is not big enough.

It is not bold enough.

I don't have the right clothes, the right house, the right shoes or drive the right car.

I am just a total wreck all the time.

But I. AM. NOT.

I repeat:  I. AM. NOT. A. WRECK. 

All I need to do is take what I have, right now, at this stage of my life and give it to Him.

He can sift through the junk and find the gem.

He made me to be ME.  Uniquely ME.

Not another me, not a different me...just my ME...the me He created me to be.

Jesus, help me remember that you are what really matters.  That everything I do in this life should be a reflection of your love for me.  You know my heart, Lord.  You know the things that are troubling me.  I let go of those things, Lord.  Today...I give it to you to uncover the gem and show me what I need to know and to do.

If you are caught in this same trap, let it go.  
Give it to Him to sift through and find the perfect gem.

Can you do that?


Monday, August 25, 2014

When I don't live up to the "standard"

Whose standard anyway?  Who is writing the script that I am following?

When I started this post, this was not the picture I was looking for in my file.  But, when I saw it and the quote I had inserted, I decided it was JUST what I needed.

God's love for me is not dependent 
upon my performance as a believer.

When did I write that?  I don't know, but I needed to be reminded of it today.

You see, I am a people pleaser.  I am performance based. 

I do "A" and you will like me and God will too.

I do "B" and you may NOT like me and God might not either.

I do "C" and I KNOW you won't like me and I'm pretty sure he won't either.

Since when? Where did I get THAT script?

I have found out that life doesn't work that way. I don't get to write the plan. I don't get to choose A, B or C. He does the directing, the only choice I make is to follow or not to follow.

Not following doesn't usually work out so well.  Oh, it might seem to work for a while, but not doing His will does not work for the long haul.

Today, I am embracing the truth that my performance 
as an individual has nothing to do 
with whether God loves me or not.

I'll do my best to live the life He has designed, but when I fail and fall short of that goal - and I WILL fall short of that goal, because I am human - I will remember that He loves anyway.

No matter what.  That is the truth I am clinging to today.

Join me?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Minute Friday...Change

5 minutes of writing, no editing.

Today's word:  CHANGE

Life seems to be a series of changes.  Growing up.  Getting married or pursuing the single life.  Having kids.  Or not.  Sometimes we flow from one season of change to another.

Sometimes it is a bumpy ride.

Change isn't my favorite thing.  Unless I am getting new clothes or shoes!

If I buy new furniture, it will stay in the same spot for months, even years.

One thing I am working on is embracing the season I am currently in.  Wanting what I have, rather than wanting what I don't.

Embracing today, rather than looking to tomorrow.

Embracing this struggle, rather than looking at someone else and envying their life.

You see, I can only see what that other person WANTS me to see.  And it may not be reality.

So, I will want what I have, not what I don't.

I will embrace today and not look tomorrow.

I will remember that often change...brings hope.  

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some goodness from around the web...

This has been my mind in recent days and weeks.  Completely fogged in, without a clear path to see where and what I am supposed to be doing.

So...I wait.  

I wait for Him to speak. 

And sometimes, he uses the strangest voices.  He uses voices that I don't expect.  

Not long ago, someone said to me that they read my blog and they know that I am conflicted with writing and what to do with this space.  This person encouraged me to just be patient.  To find the miracle in the everyday and write about it.  If I don't see a miracle that day, then don't write...but don't try to force this issue.

What wise advice.

So while I wait for more direction and for a clear path, I want to share some goodies with you from around the web.

My friend, Michelle DeRusha wrote this post on comparison at Lisa-Jo's place.  There is room for all of us in this world.  Check it out.

And Lisa-Jo wrote this for (in)Courage.  Reminding us that the internet is not the boss of us!  Be willing to be used by Him, even if we are only read and followed by one or two people.

Then, please check out my friend Jacque's new podcast series on iTunes. Jacque titled her series Mud Stories. Her guests share their mud stories and how God met them there and pulled them out of the mud and the mire.  I have enjoyed all four episodes.  Jacque has a mud story of her own and you will want to check it out.

Finally, I have some ideas swirling around in my foggy head about this space.  I firmly believe that God does not want me to abandon it and writing about the miracles I see in my everyday life is a good start.  Funny thing is, yesterday's miracle was an idea for this space that just might work.  I am praying about it and working through some challenges.  Hopefully, I'll have some answers in a few days or a week and can get some direction.

One last thing...this past weekend, John and I attended the wedding of his niece.  Another niece took this photo of us (with my camera) and I love it and wanted to share it with you.  When John saw it he said, "why didn't someone tell me to ditch that phone?!?"  Yeah, why didn't they!  Like, why didn't I say something???  Other than the phone, I love the picture of us.

Hugs and blessings....what have you read around the web that I should read?


Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Minute Friday...

5 Minute Friday...where a gang of writers write for 5 minutes on a word prompt.  No editing, no backtracking...just writing.

Today's prompt:  BEGIN


Jesus was a prophet without honor in his home town.  He began teaching and they were amazed, yet they were offended.

This was someone they knew.  They knew his family.  When, where and how did he know these things?

They were used to seeing him around town.

He was familiar.

They were comfortable in the ordinary.  

They did not see that he was the Son of God.

That He was special.

That He was extraordinary.

That He WAS who he was.

They missed it, because it was before them all time.  All along it was there.

How many times do I miss the miracle of Jesus in my ordinary, everyday, run of the mill life?

I suspect quite often.

Jesus, help to open my eyes and BEGIN to see your work
 in the ordinary, everyday happenings.  
May I BEGIN to recognize that these 
things are truly the work of your hands.

Do you miss His hand in the ordinary events?

I got interrupted in the middle of writing, literally in the middle of the 5 minutes.  My thoughts were disjointed after that and it is taking all I have to push the publish button.

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